Breast reduction side effects and surgery risks

While breast reduction surgery, when performed by an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon, often has pleasing results, there are a number of breast reduction side effects you will have to prepare for after the surgery. Usually, they are not of a serious nature. However, you should prepare for a period of several months to make a complete recovery from your breast reduction surgery.

Talk to your surgeon in detail about the potential risks, benefits and possible complications of breast reduction surgery before you commit to having the procedure performed. The prognosis is highly dependent upon your individual circumstances, and the advice of a qualified medical professional should be taken very seriously.

Be aware that permanent scarring cannot be avoided when a patient undergoes breast reduction surgery. While skilled doctors can do an excellent job of hiding and masking the scarring, and it will be hidden when wearing a bra or bathing suit, it will be present to some degree.

Prepare to face post-surgical pain. While this can typically be managed through the use of prescription drugs, the pain following a reduction mammoplasty surgery can sometimes be severe and may necessitate a corrective surgical procedure.

Discuss the possibility of breast asymmetry with your surgeon during your initial consultations. Breast asymmetry results when, after a breast reduction procedure, one breast remains slightly larger than the other.

Be aware that all breast reduction procedures carry a considerable risk that the woman will lose the ability to breastfeed. This is because most of the milk ducts in the breast are removed or otherwise altered during the surgical procedure. If your ability to breastfeed is important to you, a breast reduction may not be the right choice.

In rare cases, some (if not all) of the feeling in your breasts and/or nipples, can be lost, even after you are fully healed. While skilled, experienced surgeons are usually able to avoid damaging the blood vessels that nourish the breast nerve endings, there are no guarantees.