Hello from the Editor

Choosing a breast implantYour life, your body, your health is precious – therefore this absolutely independent website has been researched and written by me with the sole intention of arming every woman with the power that is knowledge.

Whatever your reasons for breast surgery you have the right to know and understand more about the medical devices that are selected by your surgeon to be put into your body. As a patient and a consumer, you have the right to be fully informed and to be a part of that choice.

However, for many women it can be a daunting task to find reliable information and safe advice on breast surgery procedures and implant choices. With this website I intend to redress this woeful situation and enable you to take control and make an informed and well researched decision.

Furthermore, you can do so with a complete peace of mind – leading medical experts from all around the world have been consulted and every fact and statement verified and peer reviewed by them to ensure 100% accuracy and trustworthiness.

It was the shocking disclosures during the PIPs implant scandal of 2012, when 40,000 women were sold faulty and fraudulently manufactured implants, which prompted me to create the website.

Testimonies from thousands of them revealed they had little or no choice – let alone information – on the implants which their surgeons introduced to their bodies. With hindsight, they all stated that they should have asked more questions at the consultation stage and, indeed, played a more active part with their surgeons in deciding which implants were actually used in their procedures.

This website is intended to ensure such a situation can never arise again. I welcome you to browse it at your leisure and as many times as you want before deciding how you intend to proceed with your surgery. I hope you find it useful and educational but if you still have any questions then feel free to post them on the community board where an expert advisor will give you a proper reply.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us.